Medus is a large way station city north of Agrippa and south of Tigris. It is a three day walk to Agrippa.

Originally established as a trading settlement by gnomes, dwarves, and humans. It was a central location for all three kingdoms, but not lying within any one nation. This land was unclaimed and unwanted. It boasts no natural resources of its own, save for a large supply of underground water that springs forth from its wells and central fountain. There are precious metal mines within a day to the northeast in the mountains.

It surrounded by flat land on the north, west, and south so should be easily defendable against most invading forces.

As time has gone on the human empire of Apolotir has invaded the gnomish lands taking over cities far to the north. The dwarves have secluded themselves in their mountain halls and have abandoned the gate between the mountains to the forbidden lands. So as it stands, Medus is no longer a neutral trading port, but has no risk of invasion as it is well within the interior of the empire.


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