Even The Mighty Fall
"Cursed be the man who is hanged on (or eaten by) a tree." Gal. 3:13

After making many enemies in Kolbenborg, the troop travelled back to the future. The troop acquired a couple of items for Kolbenborg before their dismissal-a gnome merchant who was interested in the tales about the future and the gold to be found there, and a Knock Block. Using the Knock Block, Hyperion opened the steel wall which had imprisoned them in Elwyn’s fortress. Upon exiting the fortress the group found a viscera coated landscape. The vile possessed iron wood tree attacked the group. Hyperion initially was able to burn away a considerable amound of the tree’s protection. That lead the the rest of the group being able to sunder the remaining tree and releasing the true iron wood tree from it’s imprisonment. Though valiant, victory came with a sigificant cost – Hyperion of Feanor of Finarfin was slain. Consumed beyond recognition by the vampiric spirit possessing the iron wood tree. No burial. Nothing. Hades.

Alnysia, the goodly tree spirit still whispers to Reya… and winter draws nearer….

What's Up in Kolbenborg?

Left off with Hyperion with a fresh invisibility on the west corner of the structure in the pit of Kolbenborg. Reya and Esdras are in the west merchant’s road. Pavlos is inside the structure with Polydeukes “conversating” until evening when he is supposed to return to the Runners on the north edge of town. The Runners are “urged” to depart this evening by Polydeukes.

Chapter 1- Who We Are
Where everyone wants to know your name!

PCs might die if they are not careful with trees, gnomes, or giants.

History so far.

Giants attack Medus! The human defenders are woefully unprepared and the city falls completely within the first day. A small band of adventurers (Cletus, Zephira, Glaucus, and others) in command of a tent group of Apolitian footmen was dispatched to destroy the coordinating enemy commander. The group was all but entirely decimated by an armored giant.

We Start Running Cletus survived and fled the city into the sewers just before it fell. Quickly he met others who were fleeing as well. Among them, two gladiators named Rhea and Midas, and a rogue named Nicodemus, also a mystical warlock halfling named Serratus. Together, the unfortunate lot made their way to safety south of the city. A whiney man named Faunus shined on the crew for saving his life (via Serratus). He joined the crew as a screaming dagger toting fella trying to learn the trade of a bard.

Terribleness The crew journeyed to the forest south of Agrippa to reunite with Cletus’s father. On the way they killed a chimera and diverted some terrible druid bent on the destruction of the nearby human population. It turns out that Cletus’s father was in league with demons and his cabin home was burned and sucked into the infernal abyss. The crew narrowly escaped, the forest burned around them, so they ran back to Agrippa.

Before he died the terrible druid summoned a terrible creature to wreak havoc on the humans. The crew destroyed the creature and saved the 12th Legion from more dead soldiers. However, the creature slew Midas the Meaty, Faunus, Serratus, and Cletus. Rhea bartered with Lionsman Pyhrus to revive Cletus. An elderly sage came to collect the body to perform the ritual. Lionsman Pyhrus reported some time later that “It was too late. Cletus was gone.”

The New Runners Rhea collected herself and collected a new team to fulfill her end of the bargain. She would serve to carry out missions for the Lionsman. He tasked her with scouting Medus to discover weak points, regular patrols, etc. for a possible invasion. He assigned to her two soldiers as a clerk and a swordhand Priam to guide the party in military goals and tactics. She also collected a Red Wizard, Hyperion. Also, a heavy fighter who made it through the gauntlet was added.

The new Runners tried to solve a burglary mystery, but failed and were later associated with the crime themselves after taking marked coins.

Lizards While cutting through the forest they encountered a vault where lizardmen were working as slaves. The vault was said to contain the lizards ancestral weapons; locked away long ago by humans after a war 100 years ago. Rhea found a follower in the unlikely lizard Skarn. The courageous adventurers explored the vault and found that most the weapons were destroyed. Hyperion made friendly contact with an Azar named Zithlmok after the adventurers helped defeat one of his enemy the Fire Lord.

Lookout Over Medus The crew made their way to the overlook which they found was fortified with lizardmen, brutigans, and a giant, and a few other odd creatures. They dispatched the enemies before a signal fire could be lit. They spent two days watching the activity in Medus and cataloging the details in a scroll case. On the return trip they took the river and found themselves in the water much of the time. Hyperion befriended a dying druid(?) lizardman named, Sootholoo. After killing for the second time an undead crocodile, they finally made their way back to Agrippa where they found the village’s defenses from the eastern river front were extremely lacking.

Geas When the Runners returned to Agrippa they found the legion in disrepair and undsciplined. Priam stepped up to whip the legionaires into shape. Hyperion conjured a hydra phantasm and the men accepted the challenge destroying the faux challenge and raising morale. The Runners were gifted with iron wood items from Lionsman and the items called out to the crew. Alnysia cried out to them in pain after her home tree was cut down and carved into bits as the men prepared defenses for a giant invasion. She tasked the members to find her another iron wood tree to make a new home. AND FAST! Her strength is waining and winter is fast approaching. She’s not sure how much longer she can last.

Impending Doom The crew now comprised of Rhea, Skarn, Hyperion, Isen, Priam, and his soldiers were tasked with another mission to Meduse. Along the way a great cloud of dust appeared on the horizon. A terrible horde of Giantkin were on the march – to Agrippa! The crew debated whether to continue on to the now less protected Meduse or return to Agrippa to warn them of their impending doom. Well in the midst of dicussion, scouts from the giant army spotted the group. Priam sent a runner under his command back to Agrippa with the warning, while the rest of the group tried to hide from the Giantkin that were now hunting them. The crew could not elude the Giantkin pursuit and thus decided to take a fateful stand. The gods were not with the group however, and in the end only Rhea and Hyperion remained standing and that only after a nigh impossible escape. So Rhea and Hyperion fled into the Witching Woods thinking Agrippa overthrown and their task for Alnysia weighing on their hearts and minds…but the giants unforgotten.

Frolicking While in the woods, the band came upon some friendly woodland creatures. A sure surprise for the haunted and vile Witching Wood. A group of brownies, centaurs, satyrs, and other fairie folk complained about an instrument stolen by a witch. The Runners hunted down the witch and instrument in exchange for information about an ironwood tree. They pointed the party in the direction southwest beyond the chasm. A distance later, the party stumbled upon some young elves in some sort of hilltop dwelling of fallen trees. They complained that their fathers had left hunting and not returned more than two years ago.


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