Esdras Zosimos

Following in the footsteps of his forefathers, Esdras is aspiring to become a legendary assassin of giants.


Fighter LV 4, Ranger LV 1, Gnome Giant Slayer LV 1


Esdras Zosimos is the first male born to Adrastos and Agathangelos Zosimos. He is the next heir to the Zosimos legacy of Gnome Giant Slayers.

The Zosimos family are involved in protecting their people from threats large and not-so-large. Esdras spent his younger years with his father and grandfather learning how to track and defend against giant predators. Before his great-grandfather (Elpidios Zosimos) died, Esdras was given Elpidios’ magical greatsword in a ceremony declaring Esdras a member of the Defenders of Wringdenghem (also known as ‘the Gnome Titans’). Over the last few years, Esdras was an active fighter for his people and gained respect.

Recently he was assigned a mission to help the human towns of Apolotir in the battle against the giants in order to protect the trade investment the city had with that region.

Esdras Zosimos

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