Even The Mighty Fall

"Cursed be the man who is hanged on (or eaten by) a tree." Gal. 3:13

After making many enemies in Kolbenborg, the troop travelled back to the future. The troop acquired a couple of items for Kolbenborg before their dismissal-a gnome merchant who was interested in the tales about the future and the gold to be found there, and a Knock Block. Using the Knock Block, Hyperion opened the steel wall which had imprisoned them in Elwyn’s fortress. Upon exiting the fortress the group found a viscera coated landscape. The vile possessed iron wood tree attacked the group. Hyperion initially was able to burn away a considerable amound of the tree’s protection. That lead the the rest of the group being able to sunder the remaining tree and releasing the true iron wood tree from it’s imprisonment. Though valiant, victory came with a sigificant cost – Hyperion of Feanor of Finarfin was slain. Consumed beyond recognition by the vampiric spirit possessing the iron wood tree. No burial. Nothing. Hades.

Alnysia, the goodly tree spirit still whispers to Reya… and winter draws nearer….



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