Apolotir is a land based in Roman culture and Greek Mythology from D&D 3.5.

Apolotir is a proud civilization with brilliant architecture, mastered harvests, and a social conscience. The empire extends for hundreds of miles to the east along the ocean and is bordered on the west by the dwarven occupied Gateway mountain range. To the north are wild lands of barbarians and lawless creatures.

Apolotir is populated mostly by humans, though gnomes seem to fit right in and have carved out an accepted niche in most areas. Dwarves are friendly and expected here, often passing through, though rarely making the empire their home. Elves occasionally set up residence to learn from the vast amounts of knowledge available in the Empire’s libraries or to teach wizardry at the many schools throughout the Empire. Halflings are rare here, often preferring a slower pace of life.

The empire is a busy place with much magic, knowledge, and social order. As such tradition and respect are a high priority. Enlightenment in one form or another is regarded highly and thought of as a worthy pursuit.

In the midst of this contemplative culture, it has been 20 years since the empire of Apolotir has seen newborn children. At first the affliction was thought to be isolated pockets of disease. Within a few years the sages learned that it was spread across the empire and that it was a lasting plague. Even the youngest were now fully grown and no end to the affliction has been found. The sages have aged and after divination, quests, and wisdom from neighboring races they now seem resigned to this fate—that Apolotir will fade from existence. The sages have begun to concentrate on the legacy Apolotir will leave behind. What is the best gift that they can leave behind for their friendly neighbors or other future inhabitants to remember? Despite this ultimate misfortune it was a time of peace and good will until…

In the north, bands of creatures, are gathering more frequently to take advantage of the kindness. Or perhaps they’re trying to stake an early claim on the land that will be forfeit. Some whisper that giants are behind the raids. Will Apolotir fade as a friendly and gentle people or will they be snuffed out before they get a chance to determine their own legacy?

Apolotir Character Creation

Races available: Human 35 % Educated* Gnome 36-50% Rock, Air Elf 51-65% Moon, Sun, Fire Dwarf 66-75% Gold, Shield, Earth Halfling 76-85 Ghostwise, Lightfoot, Strongheart, Water Half Elf 86-90% Fire Choice 91-100% * Aasimar, Wild Elf, Wood Elf, Genasi, other (conquered races)

*Educated: Humans of all backgrounds in Apolotir have options for training in school, apprenticeships, or other military training. If school is chosen for their education background, they acquire the ability to become quick learners and critical thinkers and gain a + 4 competence bonus to all knowledge skills they take at least 1 rank in. If apprenticeships are chosen for their education, they receive a + 4 competence bonus in any combination of three crafts or professions which they must have at least one rank in. If military training is their route to education, they receive an additional feat at first level which must be chosen from the list of Fighter feats in the PHB.

Deities: Olympic Pantheon from the Deities and Demigods handbook will be used.

Modified Favored Class: Gnomes favored class is Tinkerer- similar to Artificer from Eberon without warforged skills/features. Modified class: Wizard (see new rules) New class available: Red Wizard Classes not available: Monk

New game features to consider:

Victory Points- Achieve these by completing strategic objectives. Victory points can help armies win battles and eventually a war. Recognition Points- Accomplishing specific objectives or serving above and beyond for lengths of time can earn you a promotion. You may also receive medals, badges, or other outward symbols of your accomplishment which can translate into influence with NPCs. Rank- You can command more troops with a higher rank. You’ll also have more influence over battle strategies with a higher rank. Elite training, organization affiliation, and other privileges might also be afforded to you based on rank. This is not equivalent to character level. Not all characters will advance at the same pace. Command Auras- You can influence nearby allies simply through your presence.

Books available for character creation:

Players Handbook, Complete series, Heroes of Battle, Mercenaries, Spell Compendium Deities and Demigods,Unearthed Arcana- certain sections, Book of Exalted Deeds

  • I have not read this book, but believe that most of it should be fitting and this could provide interesting game play. If you wish to use something from this book, get DM approval first.


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